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Classic Fast Pitch Softball Training Videos


Fast Pitch Softball Pitching Mechanics & Fundamentals (59 minutes)

Coach Jennifer Banas, who pitched in the CWS in 1994, teaches the mechanics of pitching. First she focuses on the top-half teaching the proper technique for the Arm Circle with Drills to practice with. You will learn the correct Release Point which is critical for good Control. She also isolates the bottom half showing how to use your legs and hips to Generate Power critical for good Velocity. She then puts it all together with great Drills to help players develop correct mechanics.

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Fast Pitch Softball Catcher Fundamentals (1 hour)

Learn the proper Stances for giving signs, Receiving with no runners, Receiving with runners on base. Learn how to Receive and Frame a pitch. Learn how to Block balls in the dirt. Learn the proper footwork and mechanics to make quick, accurate throws. Also includes plays at the plate, fielding pop ups, and how to develop good game management skills.

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Fast Pitch Softball Hitting Fundamentals (1 hour 15 minutes)

Learn the 3 keys to hitting with Power and consistency: Balance, Rotation & Quick Hands. This video takes you through the physical aspects of hitting, from the proper Stance and Grip, to the correct techniques for the Load, Swing and Finish. Lots of Drills to help players develop good hitting mechanics. Also explains how to have a good Mental Approach to hitting.

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Fast Pitch Softball Slap Hitting (57 minutes)

Slap Hitting is an extremely important part of the game. This video teaches the philosophy of slapping - who should slap and when. It explains the mechanics of the Hard Slap, the Soft Slap, and the Drag Bunt. Includes Drills to help players develop good Slap Hitting Techniques.

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Fast Pitch Softball Infield & Outfield Fundamentals (1 hour 31 minutes)

This video teaches the proper technique for fielding ground balls, starting with the proper Ready Position, through proper Alignment and Approach, and getting into the proper Fielding Position. Learn the proper technique for Backhand and Forehand plays. Learn position specific  fundamentals for the different Infield Positions. For Outfield players, learn the proper techniques for fielding Fly Balls and Ground Balls. Learn Back Up Responsibilities as well as Pop Up and Fly Ball Priorities.

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Fast Pitch Softball Base Running Fundamentals (32 minutes)

This video teaches proper base running techniques to help put pressure on the defense! Learn the characteristics of a good base runner. Learn the proper footwork to get out of the batter's box quickly and through first base. Learn how to time coming off the bag. We also cover Sliding techniques and the responsibilities of base runners.

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Fast Pitch Softball Coaches Clinic (1 hour 38 minutes)

This is a video of an actual Coaches Clinic for coaches of youth softball teams ages 8U to 14U. HQ4 professional coaches explain how to teach the fundamentals of Throwing, Fielding, Hitting and Pitching. They demonstrate the proper mechanics and show the coaches Drills to use at practice to teach these skills. They answer questions from the youth coaches and explain the importance of planning your practice, including having a goal for each practice.

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