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Headquarters for Baseball training & Softball training in Charlotte, NC

Baseball Machine Available Sunday 12/15

The baseball pitching machine batting cage is available this - Sunday, 12/15 - from 4 pm to 6 pm. Call ahead to reserve your time. 704 423-0030

Christmas Holiday Hours

HQ4 will be closed on Tuesday, 12/24, Wednesday, 12/25, and Thursday, 12/26. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah!

Winter Training Programs going now - some spots still open

Little Scrappers Winter Training Program


Designed for beginners ages 4 to 7, this popular program teaches young players the fundamentals in a Safe & Fun environment at the HQ4 Indoor Facility. Hitting, Throwing, Fielding & more! 


1 spot left on Saturday

1 spot left on Sunday

Youth Softball Winter Training Program


For Fast Pitch Softball players at 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U. Professional coaches teach the fundamentals: Throwing, Fielding and Hitting. All sessions at the Climate Controlled HQ4 Indoor Facility.


2 spots open at 8U - other groups full

FP Softball Pitching Clinics Saturday mornings in January & February


Youth Baseball Winter Training Program


Designed to prepare ages 7 to 12 to play Coach Pitch, Machine Pitch, Minors or Majors in the Spring. Professionals coaches lead the training in Throwing, Fielding, Hitting & more! All sessions at the HQ4 Indoor Facility.


Age 7&8: 4 spots open on Sunday at 2 pm or 3 pm

Age 9&10: 5 spots still open on Saturday at 4 pm

Age 11&12: 4 spots still open on Sunday at 5 pm

Middle School / High School Winter Training Program


Designed to prepare players for School Tryouts in February - ages 13 to 16. Professional coaches run High School practices at the HQ4 Indoor Facility. Players can work on their Primary and Secondary positions plus Hitting. 


Saturday Group has 2 spots open

Sunday Group has 5 spots open

Clippers Baseball Team Tryouts for Spring 2020 on at the HQ4 Facility

13U and 14U teams have 2 openings each

9U and 10U teams are new teams

Videos of Pros not helping your player?

Baseball Training Videos


We specialize in helping young players get better. Instruction on Hitting, Pitching, Fielding, Throwing & more! Designed for youth players and coaches in easy to understand language! We explain proper mechanics and show you drills to help your player learn. Download videos and use them over and over. No 2 minute videos - these are from 33 minutes to 1 hour 54 minutes long. Priced from $7.95 to $9.95 

Softball Training Videos


Fast Pitch Softball Instruction from coaches who help young players get better every day! Instruction on Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Throwing & more. We teach proper mechanics and drills to help young players learn. Designed for youth players and coaches. Choose your topic, download and start right away! Videos run from 32 minutes to 1 hour 38 minutes. Priced from $7.95 to $9.95. 

Yes We Have Batting Cages

HQ4 is a training facility where we do lessons, group training and more. We do rent batting cages when they are available. You need to reserve your cage time in advance by calling us at 704 423-0030. All of our cages have L-Screens and balls so you can throw to your child, teammate, etc. We also have 1 Iron Mike Pitching Machine for baseball and 1 for softball - either fastpitch or slowpitch (lob). The cost to rent a cage is $30 for 30 minutes or $55 for an hour. Be sure to call ahead to reserve your time.

About Us

HQ4 Mission Statement


Our passion is to help baseball and softball players have more fun playing their game! Getting a big hit - making a great play - striking out a batter - that's what players remember because that's what is fun. Our professional coaches know how to teach players the proper fundamentals for throwing, fielding, hitting and pitching so that they will have more success and more fun!

Call us now at 704-423-0030 to schedule a private lesson!

Our Home Base


HQ4's headquarters is an Indoor, Climate Controlled Training Facility in Charlotte, NC. Rain or shine, hot or cold your player  receives top level baseball training or softball training in a safe and comfortable environment. The facility is easy to access, just off I-77 and I-485 on the south side of Charlotte. Take the Westinghouse Blvd. exit and go one block to Granite Street. 

HQ4 Baseball & Softball

11333 Granite Street, Unit C

Charlotte, NC 28273

Year Round Baseball & Softball Programs


Private baseball training lessons: pitching, hitting, fielding and more

Private softball training lessons: pitching, hitting, fielding and more

Speed, Strength and Conditioning training for baseball and softball

Softball Pitching Clinics

Softball Hitting Clinics

Baseball Pitching Clinics

Baseball Hitting Clinics

Softball All Around Winter Training Groups by age

Baseball All Around Winter Training Groups by age 

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