HQ4 Baseball & Softball

Headquarters for Baseball training & Softball training in Charlotte, NC

Classic Baseball Training Videos


Hitting Coach I - Mechanics (1 hour 53 minutes)

Baseball hitting videos teach the fundamentals of hitting. Learn proper Grip, Stance, Load, Swing and Finish stressing good Balance and Rotation. Filled with lots of Hitting Drills, this video provides a great foundation for hitting.

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Hitting Coach II - The Mental Approach To Hitting (33 minutes)

Baseball training videos teach players how to mentally prepare to hit. Learn about different approaches to hitting depending the pitch count, situational hitting, and hitting curve balls and change ups. 

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Hitting Coach III - Common Faults & Corrections (1 hour 22 minutes)

This baseball hitting video explains common mistakes that players make and how to correct them. From Stance & Grip, to the Load, Swing, and Finish we demonstrate common faults and explain the problems they cause. Then we sow you how to correct the fault.

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Pitching Mechanics and Fundamentals (1 hour 24 minutes)

This baseball training video teaches the proper mechanics for pitching. Learn to maintain Good Balance throughout the delivery. Learn to use Core Rotation to generate Velocity and the Proper Arm Angle and Release Point for Good Control. also learn to throw different pitches and more.

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Balks, Pick-Off Moves, and Base Leads (53 minutes)

Baseball training videos designed to help players who are moving to the big field. For Pitchers, we cover the list of Illegal Actions a pitcher can be called for. We also demonstrate all the ways a pitcher can "Balk". We also demonstrate Pick-Off Moves for right-hand and left-hand pitchers. For Base Runners, we explain how to take a Primary Lead and a Secondary Lead. We also explain how to Read Pitchers and Getting a Good Jump.

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Catcher Fundamentals (48 minutes)

Baseball training videos teach the Fundamentals of the Catcher position. Different Stances for giving signs, and Receiving the Ball without base runners and with base runners.  Learn proper technique for Framing the Pitch. Also learn proper technique for Blocking as well as proper mechanics for Quick and Accurate Throws. Lots of Drills! Learn about plays at the plate, handling pop-ups and more!

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Infield & Outfield Fundamentals (1 hour 36 minutes)

Baseball training videos teach the proper Infield ready position and how to approach a ground ball. Learn proper technique to get into the correct fielding position as well as responsibilities for each Infield position. Learn the correct techniques for Outfielders to field both fly balls and ground balls. Learn about defensive priorities on fly balls and back up responsibilities.

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Base Running Fundamentals (1 hour 38 minutes)

This baseball training video teaches the proper base running techniques, from getting out of the batter's box to first base, and then around the bases. Learn how to take a primary lead and a secondary lead. Learn how to read a pitcher's pick-off move. Learn sliding techniques as well as the responsibilities of base runners. Also includes base running drills for practice.

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Baseball Coaches Clinic (1 hour 54 minutes)

We taped an actual Coaches' Clinic held at HQ4. Our professional coaches worked with youth coaches and how to teach the skills of throwing, fielding, hitting, pitching, etc. to their teams. They demonstrated drills, answered questions, and explained the importance of having a good practice plan.

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T-Ball Coaches Guide (1 hour 29 minutes)

This baseball training video is for all those parents who volunteered to coach their kid's T-Ball team and realized they need some help! Learn the proper mechanics for throwing, fielding and hitting - and Drills to teach these skills to young players. Learn how to organize and plan your practices so that you can teach these skills plus base running, defensive lessons, and more! Learn how to recruit assistant coaches and a Team Mom so that you can make T-Ball a fun and rewarding experience for players and coaches!

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Speed & Agility Training for Baseball (52 minutes)

Ben Cook, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, works with former professional baseball player Jason Johnson to show and explain drills that will help you develop your strength, quickness, agility, and overall athleticism. Topics covered include: Dynamic Flexibility Exercises, Static Flexibility Exercises, Balance Training, Plyometric Training, Foot Speed & Quickness Training; Overload Weight Training; Cardiovascular Training, Functional Strength Training, and Linear Speed Training.

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